Blood transfusion process sees improvements

Medical Technologist Jo Ann Quindipan issues red blood cells in the UCM blood bank.

In an effort to improve the speed with which medical staff are able to respond to critically injured patients in need of blood transfusion, UChicago Medicine has invested resources to revamp a system that will enhance the reliability of blood product pack delivery and improve critical care response times.

University of Chicago Medicine

New surgeons arrive for adult trauma care

Five acclaimed trauma, acute care and critical care surgeons have arrived at UChicago Medicine ahead of the May 1, 2018, launch of adult trauma care. These surgeons will join Selwyn Rogers, MD, MPH, founding director of the Trauma Center, and Gary An, MD, a current trauma faculty member, in serving the community and providing care for patients.

David Crump

New Violence Recovery Program Manager Reaches Trauma Patients

David Crump is UChicago Medicine’s first violence recovery program manager, selected by Trauma Director Selwyn Rogers, MD, MPH, to handle outreach to the commu­nity and work inside the Medical Center to improve continuity of care for victims and families of violence.

Rogers said Crump’s work with various youth development organizations will bring value to the Medical Center’s strategic plan to address violence on the streets of Chicago.

Crushers Club

UChicago Medicine awards grants to local grassroots violence prevention programs

The University of Chicago Medicine (UCM) has awarded seven capacity-building grants to provide immediate support to existing community-based violence prevention, intervention, and recovery efforts on Chicago’s South Side.

The grant money will allow the selected community organizations to fund new counselors, new equipment, and  program expansion to include more participants. The grants are designed to support programs that will help create safer spaces during the summer.

Community Advisory Council Provides Advice on Trauma Center

The University of Chicago Medicine Community Advisory Council is engaging with UChicago Medicine leadership to shape the establishment of the Medical Center’s adult trauma services, scheduled to launch May 1, 2018.

“The voice of the community is critical to the university’s plan for trauma care,” said Damon Arnold, MD, chairman of the Trauma Care and Violence Prevention work group and former director of the Illinois Department of Public Health. “Our dialogue with the hospital’s leaders has been good, and we look forward to helping create a great trauma center.”