David Crump is UChicago Medicine’s first violence recovery program manager, selected by Trauma Director Selwyn Rogers, MD, MPH, to handle outreach to the commu­nity and work inside the Medical Center to improve continuity of care for victims and families of violence.

Rogers said Crump’s work with various youth development organizations will bring value to the Medical Center’s strategic plan to address violence on the streets of Chicago.

“I’ve seen David work with patients in the hospital, getting them to talk about the things that led them to be impacted by violence,” Rogers said. “David is willing to risk his life for victims of violence.”

Crump, 46, is on staff with the Univer­sity of Chicago Medicine’s Urban Health Initiative, which oversees community health programs and services. He is a former violence recovery specialist in the Division of Trauma, Burns and Critical Care Unit at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. His career spans more than 28 years in youth advocacy and gang intervention.

Crump started his new role in March with a plan to help the Medical Center and trauma patients feel safer.

At The Forefront caught up with Crump recently for a Q&A:

What are you doing now to improve the relations between the hospital and community?

The work at the Urban Health Initiative, together with the Community Advisory Council, had already begun before I arrived; so I am placing my participation inside that process, which is huge. This process has been about uplifting organizations and lead­ers who have been doing the work around violence prevention, recovery and workforce opportunities.

What is your message to the community?

My experience with the soul of the Medical Center — the people who provide service and the thought leaders in various departments — has shown me that they are deeply invested in serving the community.

What are some of the challenges ahead?

The obvious challenge is the number of expected trauma patients from community violence. Our greatest challenge within the University walls, is to find, keep and main­tain our humanity as we serve.